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Dmitri Lerko

Meet Dmitri, our Head of DevOps.


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Dmitri joined loveholidays as a Java Developer and was supported with the transition into DevOps, gaining cloud certifications along the way. Dmitri has lead our Cloud migration onto GCP.

1.  What is your favourite holiday destination and why?

"Tenerife has been the most frequent one, but all-inclusive can eventually get a little boring for me. 

"Last time I went there with a bicycle, tent and went around the island for two weeks with my cousin. 

"You experience the same island very differently by staying out in nature and exploring it at 50km per day.  

"City-breaks-wise it has to be Amsterdam; a great vibe, excellent food and you can get there by train."

2. What is DevOps?

"This is a bit like the “What is Agile?” question. 

"There is a myriad of interpretations but to me it’s a discipline in software engineering that aims to remove silos, build a collaborative culture and enable speed of software delivery."


3. How do you achieve those goals?

"You are doing well in DevOps if your long-term goal is to automate yourself out of a job and you are getting closer to it. 

"6 months ago it would be my colleague Jaroslav or I that took care of any changes to infrastructure. 

"These days it is at least 15+ people who are continuously contributing to our infrastructure and we can double this number again if there is a need.

"Essentially infrastructure has become self-service, while the DevOps team looks after its core pieces or provides stability improvements.

"It’s the same with builds and deployments.

"In many places (Dev)Ops will be responsible for babysitting builds, continuous integration/continuous delivery infrastructure and deployments. 

"At loveholidays developers and QA take full ownership of this and only fall back on DevOps to drive new improvements or fix critical issues. 

"This gives opportunities for everyone to make a direct contribution to our customer-facing site and take ownership of this while freeing up DevOps team for feature work."

4.  If you had to pick one thing you love about working at loveholidays, what would it be?

"The ability to drive change.

"Within the first four weeks on the job I’d pitched my feelings around our (then) approach and then delivered better alternatives around Jenkins.

"Given that Jenkins was pretty much mission critical at that time, it was a risky change entrusting it to someone still within their probation.

"This level of trust still continues today. 

"When you find something that can be improved, or see business opportunities that others have overlooked or hadn’t considered - you are given the the responsibility to make it happen. 

"You have the chance to drive tangible business change and the opportunity to do so has grown even more in the 3 years that I’ve been with loveholidays.

"I think it’s rare for a business of this size to provide so much autonomy to individual contributors as loveholidays does."


5.  What would be your pitch for someone considering joining loveholidays?

"Only join us if ownership, fast pace and just enough process is something that you are 'comfortable being uncomfortable with'. 

"loveholidays grows fast, but your growth within it will be even faster."

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