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Cesar Costas Carrera

Meet Cesar, a Frontend Developer.

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Cesar joined loveholidays in the Summer of 2018.

What is your favourite holiday destination and why?

“Any Atlantic coast city - Newquay, Cies Islands, Porto, Essaouira; wherever I go I can’t stop falling in love with the ocean once and once again.

“I guess there’s a bit of a sailor in me”.


What does your role involve?

“I’m part of the Frontend team, so my role is to create and maintain the visual part of the site and the experience; for example, the information you see and the places you click.

“Being more specific I’m part of the ‘Experiments Team’ where we experiment with new user experiences and let our customers choose which one is a better version of our site.

“It’s always inspiring and surprising to see how people react to the changes that we continuously introduce”.


What are your main projects/challenges for 2019 and beyond?

“Our project goal is similar to our customer goals: to purchase their holidays cheaper, faster, easier and better.

“Reducing development time and code complexity, breaking the site into smaller apps and reusable pieces and caring more about slow and interrupted internet connections are some of the challenges we have ahead”.


If you had to pick one thing you love about working at loveholidays, what would it be?

“The culture.

“Our team is like a second family where you can laugh, cry, feel lazy or be 100% in the zone; basically you’re free to be open and share any kind of interest or feeling you may have.

“We feel at home in the office – it’s not unusual to see some of us in slippers – and that’s really great”.


What would be your pitch for someone considering joining loveholidays?

“If you enjoy coding, let your joy be your job”.

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