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Why we ❤️ loveholidays

  • The opportunity at loveholidays was massive ... to help the company grow even faster

    Michael Jones (episode 1)


  • I bought a CD32 ... which is a super-old console!

    Michael Jones (episode 2)


  • I joined Loveholidays in 2021. Loveholidays for me is the first company where I’ve been able to contribute to the whole product journey: understanding business problems, doing discovery with product and design, implementation, monitoring of our systems. I’m always learning something new and I enjoy that. I love the people here, how relationships are built and how everything works like clockwork. I’m really happy to be a part of this great company!

    Elena Litvinova

    Software Engineer

  • I've been at Loveholidays since August 2019 and my journey has been incredible from being the first Data Analyst to transitioning into the role of a Product Manager. Learning to be a Product Manager and dealing with all the challenges has been a steep learning curve so far and I hope it continues to be this way. I love the culture here, I love that you are given opportunities to grow and discover your full potential. It's amazing to see that everyone has autonomy to bring new ideas to the table and see them come to life!

    Himaya Iyer

    Product Manager

  • I feel really supported ... it's a very friendly environment

    Evelina Wahlström

    Junior Software Developer

  • We encourage engineers to be autonomous and think for themselves

    David Annez

    Head of Engineering

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  • We are entrepreneurs

  • Everything is written in pencil

  • We organise for speed

  • We believe in Team

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