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Platform Engineering Recruitment - About

About our Platform Tech

"Offer" is one of the core concepts in our systems. At a high level, an offer consists of a hotel room and a flight. We process a few billion hotel room offers from our suppliers, and millions of flights, every day. When we join those into holiday offers, the combinations are in the billions.

Our UK website serves more than 100M requests per week. We're currently expanding to the Nordic and US markets and are expecting a big increase in traffic, together with the challenges of a multi region infrastructure.

We have built best in class Revenue Management and Anomaly Detection systems, feeding millions of data points from our production applications into ML analytics processes looked after by our expanding data science team. Revenue Management aims to improve our margins and Anomaly Detection aims to provide insights into our experiments and the general performance of our systems.

We are updating our call centre by creating bespoke fit for purpose tools, often combined with modern off the shelf solutions. We are starting to bring Natural Language Understanding, through bots, into our customer contact handling & agent support, along with novel solutions to high contact volumes.

Our platform runs on cutting-edge cloud infrastructure and we don't restrict our technology choices, constantly encouraging experimentation.

Great Platform Engineers

We're looking for candidates who can demonstrate having solved challenging technical problems, with a focus on web services at scale, event driven systems and large dataset processing

  • Core CS skills (algorithms, data structures, design, testing, performance) are the most desirable characteristics. 
  • Focus on monitoring and metrics is important. 
  • A Computer Science degree isn't necessary. 
  • We don't require experience in any specific programming language or technology. 
  • We're open to candidates of all seniority/experience levels. 
  • While Java is currently our core platform, we are actively growing an ecosystem of alternative programming languages/models (Go, Python, Rust, Javascript). 
  • We prefer polyglots over candidates who label themselves as “X technology” engineers.
  • We favour candidates who are enthusiastic about exploration, experimentation and understanding how things work.
  • We like candidates that can articulate a problem, their solution, and what they learned.

Profiles we ❤️

A good CV will contain examples like:

"Designed, implemented and released an updated sign-up experience including payment entry. Testing saw a 90% increase in target customer conversion rates, forecasting to $58mm additional revenue for the year across all subscriptions"

"Development of the UI, subscription management, and client experience for the ABC and XYZ rental including web, mobile web, and android and iPhone applications, averaging 400k total active users."

"Implemented the first desktop iteration of the 123 feature on the 789 platform, while ensuring minimal impact on CPU usage (<1% increase) and playback experience, with no drop in QOS metrics."

"Develop in-house message consumer system, which consumes business events to extract useful data from the event payload and enrich the data with related systems to generate velocity variables as the features of risk models. The system has about 500 million events per day and a peak TPS of about 100."

"Propose the design and implement a retry mechanism to make the system more resilient to service call failures. This feature helps decrease the number of lost events, which is about 500+ per day on normal occasions. It also prevented our system from losing data when the downstream system was not available consistently for 30 minutes."

"I was in charge of planning and developing an IoT infrastructure MVP. It consists of 3 tiers: sensors, on-premise gateway devices and a central management platform in the cloud. Sensor devices are programmed in C, using ESP-IDF(Espressif IoT Development Framework). On-site gateways and the central server are written in Java, leveraging Spring Boot and Vertx. As this is an MVP (to be installed in 2 factories over the summer), the main challenge was to identify corners worth being cut to meet deadlines, but to never endanger the future of the project. E.g., while there was never compromise on security, some features are only accessible through API, not UI."


Profiles that make us 🤦‍♀️

We use humans to review each CV and we don't believe in keyword searches or buzzwords. These are the kind of things that turn us off:

- Used Junit and Mockito for unit test and integration tests.

- Created Some UI functionality in MDMA.

- Helped migrate services from DropWizard to SpringBoot and migrated to Kubernetes.

- Integrated microservices using Camel and created flows for payment functionality.

- DevOps on deployment and migration

- Helped migrating some apps from JBoss (AppServer) to Jetty (embedded) which will eventually be moved to Kubernetes

- Created Jenkins Pipelines for the DEV and PRE Env. For Micro services OnAWSCloud and Created."

- Successfully developed new functionality in PMP.

- Involved in defect fixing in the PMP functionality and Microservices.

- Ensured the effective use of all tools including Java 1.8, J2EE, j2SE, Spring(MVC), Spring Boot, Angular 4,  Restful Web services, Microservices, Kubernetes Docker, Camel, Cassandra, Rancher, AWS, JMS, Rabbit MQ, Restassured, Junit, Mockito, Hibernate, JSON, HTTPClient, Jenkins,  Agile, SQL, IntelliJ, AJAX, HTML5, Maven, TDD, Jira, Confluence, Paired Programming, Tomcat, SCRUM and Kanban"


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